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  • My proven 3 step formula for lightning speed recovery from any of the
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  • The critical mistakes (most people make) that actually repel
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Sonia Ricotti,
#1 Best Selling Author
and Bounce Back Expert

What the Experts
Say About Sonia Ricotti

Resiliency is key to an
individual's longevity and
success. Life almost guarantees
that we'll get knocked off
track from time to time, but
Sonia Ricotti’s Unsinkable
message is the life jacket
you need to not only
keep you afloat,
but to soar!
Bob Proctor, teacher in the
The Secret and bestselling author of
You Were Born Rich
Sonia discovered a formula
to help not only herself, but
to help you bounce back big
from anything, ANYTHING
that you may be facing.
I trust, respect and love
Sonia and her work.
I know you will, too!
Mary Morrissey, motivational
speaker, spiritual author, and Founder
of Life Mastery Institute.
Sonia Ricotti's comprehensive,
inspirational and powerful
Unsinkable message teaches
you how to quickly recover
when life throws you a curve
ball. You'll bounce back
higher than you ever
thought possible and
come out on top with
grace and ease.
Marci Shimoff, New York Times
bestselling author, Love for No Reason
and Happy for No Reason.
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